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BSc Software Enigneering

Rs.66,000/- per semester Apply now
    • Admission Fee: 15,000/- (One time)
    • Enrollment / Registration Fee: 2,000/- (One time)
    • Semester Induction Fee: 28,000/- (Per semester)
    • Lab Fee: 8500/- (Per semester)
    • Library Subscription: 1,000/- (Per semester)
    • IT Charges: 1,500/- (Per semester)
    • Campus Security Charges: 1,000/- (Per semester)
    • Tuition Fee: 24,000/- (Per semester)
    • Examination Fee: 2,000/- (Per semester)
    • At the time of Admission: 83,000/-
    • Per semester: 66,000/-


    Before the advent of digital computers, life was not as easy as today. Scientific calculations, engineering design, weather forecasting, budgeting, etc were difficult and cumbersome jobs. After the invention of computer, in the beginning it found gradually increasing applications in science and engineering. However, because of rapid advances in related technologies, computer technology went through rapid development and by now, it has invaded every aspect of our daily life. In addition to the areas mentioned above, it is being used in medicine, surgery, banking, agriculture, traffic control, economics, all industrial processes including manufacturing of electrical and mechanical machines and all kinds of home appliances, etc. The key to all these applications is writing a set of instructions, called an algorithm of software to perform a particular job in the desired manner. The discipline of engineering which helps write this set of instructions or algorithm or software for various applications in a systematic and organized manner is called Software Engineering. As already noted, with application of computers everywhere, software development has become an essential and huge business the world over. In the present global environment, experts sitting in one part of the world can help in software development all over the world.