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BSc Electrical Enigneering

Rs.82,500/- per semester Apply now
    • Admission Fee: 15,000/- (One time)
    • Enrollment / Registration Fee: 2,000/- (One time)
    • Semester Induction Fee: 28,000/- (Per semester)
    • Lab Fee: 25000/- (Per semester)
    • Library Subscription: 1,000/- (Per semester)
    • IT Charges: 1,500/- (Per semester)
    • Campus Security Charges: 1,000/- (Per semester)
    • Tuition Fee: 24,000/- (Per semester)
    • Examination Fee: 2,000/- (Per semester)
    • At the time of Admission: 99,500/-
    • Per semester: 82,500/-


    Electrical Engineering has been an important and popular discipline of engineering for a long time and has always attracted students. In early times, electrical engineering mostly related to the study of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. However, with rapid advances in electronics, computers and communication systems, electrical engineering has become probably the most important and diverse discipline of sciences and technology. As a result, in addition to classical power engineering, electrical engineering now encompasses electronics, computer and telecom engineering also. Whatever the case, the study of electrical engineering still fascinates the students and it is very important that talented students select it as their career. A look at the electrical engineering curriculum, offered at iUSE SEMS, in the following pages shows the depth and breadth of the topics covered. Our aim is to admit the fresh students, and in four years, convert them into competent electrical engineers to work for their country with dedication and devotion.